NaPoWriMo day 12


Hey, urvogel
with both of your wings outstretched
pecking at the cold tap
’cause you’re thirsty
the boiler broke and you got water
on your kitchen floor, bird

what’s good on the menu, dinosaur?
Caviar and champagne, bird
small black beads popping on your tongue, bird
squawking in your chair
until the taxi shows up
with brandy and syllabub in our bellies, bird

studied for that PhD bird
you worked hard for it, urvogel
scratch your name on the university tables
call your mother after dinner
think of home when you’re out drinking
smoke the days away
travel to places you’ve only read about
people like me playing Monopoly with you
and always winning, bird

write a screen play and cast me in it
photocopy mine and leave it under my pillow
still warm
nice and toasty, bird
highlight my part in a yellow that screams ACCIDENT
to draw my eyes away from the insults
a thinly veiled critique of me
your ancestors are watching you work
they would say they’re proud of you
but they’re not

because you just keep going, bird
and try to make the best of a bad situation
days you don’t want to wake up
nights that don’t seem to end
you can sing like no other bird I know
go peck at the local spring, love
drink it down
’til there’s nothing left for the village
until we all go silent and dark
watching you glide

through the air like you’re extinct again
a fine example of something that no longer exists


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