NaPoWriMo day 10

A boyfriend and we are in the next time

you are sorry, this time I’m just astounded
stop sharing in golden light. okay, I
never felt much about it.

Such a weird place.
Indeed, I lived there.
I got those Japanese sea vegetables.

Our next reunion in five easy steps
I’m just a nurse but I’m working on trees in dreams
Although since I answered I was poor
with the sign signifying you, you do.

I got into drugs
specifically tailored for tonight –
it will end and make me.
It’s a good purchase
You’ll die within minutes

People who are still wearing
garish cardigans as the decades pass
will build castles with us all
People stop hallucinating and
believing things

It’s because I didn’t enjoy the river
am I displacing?
I just answered not long ago,
I answered: “I look at you”

I’ve submitted a lot of you
you’re setting fire to the police
and I couldn’t vote.
I admit, I remember these flowers, you.
I admit I can’t.


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