NaPoWriMo day 9

The World’s Most Delightful Boat Race

for you I held my breath
for you I studied the human form
the skyscrapers are eating into the clouds
for you, where the city ends.
For you, a  crowd of flirts enter the bar and perform a greek tragedy
here, where beer-pumping barmaids  give you the glad-eye
before you make it to the Thames
here, where the Oxford alumni wear their scarves
like it was RAG week
where the noise then the lulls
have you nodding over your pint
here, where a hawing and booing ex wife calls you over
and reminds you of every love you’ve had
for you, she discloses all of her new secrets
whilst sharing a spliff on the tideway
for you, I reveal everything you need to know about
what lives inside my head and my house, back home in the country
at the end of the road.
Here, delicate. Here, final.
Here, where your daughter is with her mother
freeing us from responsibilities
as we watch the boat race
for you I learnt all about friendship
here, in the most delightful way.


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