NaPoWriMo day 5

Been busy so just catching up, this is day 5’s offering and it’s called Back to the Butcher’s

in one car journey I saw a house
with a room left suspended and
changed; my water glass missing from
the dour oak table, unmarked bones
and a travel cot housing a
marble eyed bear, who fixed my
eyeline and held it there. A bed, my bed
with its bravely turned-down sheets
once loved but now washed in place
for just any old guest, now. A year,
and I  finally made it here – into your
spare room.

You once put flowers, weekly, by the window
but now nothing breathes in here
books you recommended stacked up in apathy
a never-used vacuum, your winter clothes
and no evidence of me, where I once
sat in bed, going over your new screenplay
listening for the cleaver’s sweep
and lop back onto the block, for tea.
A whole year rolled around. I never wanted
to come back here, so how did you get me to?


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