NaPoWriMo day 1

Hello all,

I’ve decided, rather warily, to do NaPoWriMo again this year. I fully expect to have given up come day 4, but here is my first attempt. It doesn’t have a title yet, so I’ll just call it Untitled. 

There was no reason for me to stay there.
Haworth’s on the moors which gives pause
for country air and, on that particular day, sun.
A ramble from your house to the high street
to follow the tourists down the cobbles, hear
the honk of a neighbour’s guard-geese who
gaggle and waddle and jump occasionally
left me looking for clues about what to do next.
I walked, fumbling, loose gravel underfoot.

Later, my breathless hike uphill for the Withins’
top beautiful views caused me to stop. One
brief moment of candidness before returning
to your home. You are east of this, or west
of this. North, or south, here or there. Suppose
I asked your brother how best to capture your
light in the quarter glow of a night-time candle?
He would tell me, as I already knew, that you
sometimes smile, and this is interpreted as thus:
I am alive, still. I am in love, still. I am present,
still. We are living in the most beautiful place
on earth. Still.


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