The Space Will Open Up

I came home at 4am
and dissolved like sugar onto the bed
day creeping back in again
with a slow flare of celestial

I woke up again at 6
the low thrum of obsession still
beating through me
heat rising up the walls as I
am sick from the summer air
a sensation of sinking into wet sand
and scent of the coming sea.

And then he came.
A warm body pushes through me
the loudening chorus and
lap of the crest, the grief of the crave
hidden like old letters
in his desk drawer back home
breathing underwater
a swell builds, our never-ending
return and recall.

The day is still young.
We lie back and sink in
quite soon we’ll begin to see
that we are each-other’s
biggest regret.

1 comment
  1. Meredith said:

    bravo! gloriously lucid, fitfully opaque.

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