a few new poems

Hello to all five of you who read my blog. Sorry I haven’t updated in a very long time, but I have been scribbling away working on my second collection which is now finished. Since finishing it, I have put out one ebook with the wonderful Peanut Gallery Press, called Preen, Preen, Preen and Pride which is here http://www.scribd.com/doc/226971506/preen-preen-preen-and-pride-by-sian-s-rathore

and I put out a short series of one-sentence poems called A Boyfriend and We are in the Next Time which you can read here http://www.scribd.com/doc/234163122/a-boyfriend-and-we-are-in-the-next-time

I also got accepted into a few magazines and anthologies so I’m going to link those to you as and when I get them. If you want to buy the most recent one, it’s here: http://livefromworktown.org/index.php/anthology 

Before I update again properly, here is a poem I wrote the other day. It’s called Chinese Whispers. 

I am sorry I cannot support your own ideals
of your own behaviour, that your words –
like little mice, scurry about before me before
huddling off in their bitter mischief into a
cell you have seen before. I did not imagine
those policemen, hanging your coat over your
cuffed wrists to save face from our neighbours.
I did not imagine their luminous  coats, I
wish I had imagined them the way I imagined
you into something you are not.
I wanted the beauty of us to diminish the ugliness
of what you brought to me, for my second self
to be manageable to you; one world meeting
another one, I did not want my being to separate
you from my own realities. 

I did not imagine needing you. But I do not
imagine needing nothing, now I know feelings
can be easily unfelt giving freedom, like you
wanted, but could not take now – a revelation
as such as

the delight of the sound of sudden rain when
you are out walking, maybe sitting in a park
writing poems about how ill you think of me.


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