Napowrimo day 3 – Letters to and from a murderer.

The prompt today on the official blog was to write a rhyming charm, which got me thinking about traditional forms, or any forms at all really. My favourite of all the “restrictive” forms of poetry is definitely the sevenling, which I think may have been popularised by Roddy Lumsden. The rules are this: 

Seven lines. The first three express three ideas that are connected. The three ideas can either exist on each separate line or not, that doesn’t matter. The next three (next stanza), has to have three more ideas that are slightly moved away from the first three, but still connected to eachother, and the mood of the poem overall. Finally, the seventh line has to be the unexpected punchline that ties the whole thing together. So here is mine, and it’s called Letters to and from a murderer. 

I was high on speed, the kitchen raining.
Three weeks late, and he’d been gone a month
so I drank enough scotch to flush his memory out,

and write on walls to work out how I’m feeling, and
tell that to the doctor when he comes to check my
pulse. “My best friend’s cut off my supply” I tell him. 

A letter drops. Finally, a reply from my murderer. 



NB – This poem is not a rip off of Luke Kennard’s FANTASTIC “The Murderer”. I did actually once write to, and receive a letter from, a convicted murderer called Michael Alig, so that’s what this is about. 

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  1. ciecheesemeister said:

    A great intensity of feelings. I think I’d be leery of writing to a murderer, but it would surely be interesting to read what they had to say.
    I’m visiting from the NaPoWriMo list. My team’s poetry blog is at Poetry of the Netherworld.

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