NaPoWriMo Day 18 – Alyson Hannigan Surgery of Boob Job

When I started getting into the alt lit scene, it came out of me discovering and being fascinated by Flarf poetry. It’s the devouring of popular culture and it being spewed back out on the internet in the shape of comments and badly translated web pages. I decided to write a flarf style poem today, and it’s called Alyson Hannigan Surgery of Boob Job

Alyson naturally beautiful or not is asked by
Many question came when people considered
Her appearance is much different to first
Appearance on television lesbian.
Some plastic surgery procedure such as
Boob job and nose job are
Close to Alyson Hannigan today.

The rumours left facelift and Botox injection
For her treatment and positively good outlook
Other rumours said that boob job since her
Boob seems bigger and shows different size
Than before. Nose is also one of captivating
Parts of her face, she is know for her sharp
and Beautiful nose that is why her nose is 
Rumoured to having plastic surgeries. 

She is rumoured having nose job since the
Size of nose is pretty different with her
Past nose size’s back when she was young
Played in some serials and shows whether it
Is plastic surgery or not, Alyson not talk about
It. All we can do is find by ourself in the
Before and after pictures.

Tags: Alyson Hannigan, Plastic surgery, before after pictures, Botox, nose job, Plastic Surgery rumour’s


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