Day 17 – and now for something completely different

I realised today that my poems so far for NaPoWriMo have been quite pedestrian and this year, as opposed to last year and the year before, I haven’t laid out anything conceptual. So today, i thought I’d do that. Something that stretches beyond all my poems about love and death and madness. It’s also partly inspired by Dan Holloway’s recent novel Evie and Guy, which really got me thinking about what poetry is, and what it potentially can be. Part of the joy of this poem is I want people to painstakingly try and work it out with logic, the poem is short but the knock-on effect of it is potentially huge. It would take a second to “read” but to understand it could take hours. You won’t know how nonsensical or profound  this poem is unless you apply to it your own logic. I like to think about conceptualism a lot. Here it is: 

Love Life Dilemma From 2010 When I Was In Love With Three Separate People And Needed To Work Out Who The Better Man Was Because I Like To Be Pragmatic And Sometimes Poetry and Art Just Does Not Do It. 

3: SSR + X. 3≤a: + 3≤b: – / 3≤(i): SSR- 3≤(ii): SSR+


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