NaPoWriMo Day 14 – Nevertheless, It Was Still Not A Very Nice Thing To Do

Still catching up. This poem is very obviously lazy and badly written, fine, I’ll admit it, but I’m just trying to get back in the napowrimo game. It’s called Nevertheless It Was Still Not A Very Nice Thing To Do. 

You would think he’d have gone insane
Snapping a DVD of Love, Actually over his knee
Because of what Hugh Grant now symbolises in
Their lives; planting a bomb in the bastard’s 
Greenhouse because when they were friends, he
Spoke often about the philosophy of planting
Begonias when deflated; behead the cunt for
Sharking their waters without a care for 
Anyone but himself; employ a nest of vipers
To hiss at her in the mornings to serenade the old
Dame with the chorus she deserves; throw a punch,
Call a friend; kick a wall; put a window through;


“Wow, what’s that guy’s problem?” people would
Say, whilst driving their new cars from the dealer-
Ships for the first time with their kids in the back
Seat, as he roars and rages down the central
Reservation with a clump of dark hair in his fist
And a lump of still-bleeding flesh hanging from
His teeth. “Didn’t you hear?” the car next to them
Would say through the wound-down window at
The traffic lights. “His girlfriend had sex with
Someone else” 

But instead he scarcely voiced it. A half-
Whisper instead like a small imploding cloud on
His tongue was swallowed back down before she
Could notice it; because there must have been a
Day and a time she stopped loving him. Maybe at 
4:46 on a September morning, the sound of his
Snoring did it; his always working late; his obnoxious 
Friends; his misuse of money; the way he secretly 
Believed she was putting her manic depression on
For attention. Maybe he doesn’t think that, maybe 
He can empathise as well as drive. 

So he made her promise to try very hard to
Not do that bad thing again. She agreed on
The premise they could remain friends, he said
“Fine, whatever” and rolled onto his side
Her DVDs quite safe, her lover’s flowers
Quite beautiful indeed.


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