Napowrimo Day 11 – I want to be boring with you

Again, an idea i had a while ago but a poem I only wrote tonight. I seem to keep thinking that 1. the poems I write for my book somehow don’t count for napowrimo and
2. poems I’ve had an idea for a long while for don’t count
3. poems for napowrimo have to be PERFECT

If i carry on like that I’m heading for an early grave! Admittedly, two lines of this poem were written months ago but the rest of it was written tonight. So this one’s called I Want to be Boring With You. 

I watch nature programs so they can be the
Backrop to my thoughts as they connect them
Selves together like leaves that magically tesselate
Of their own accord and if that really happened in
Nature, we would call that a miracle.
I’d like it if I were an osprey in your reservoir.
An osprey as, and you may ask yourself:
What is this beautiful bird?
Where is my beautiful wife?

I’m sitting in a day hospital next to people who’ve
Been put in here for refusing to recognise
Their tessellating thoughts are not miracles.
A young woman who is also John the Baptist
Stares out of the window having not seen her parents
In days.
I will soon steal the jelly cup that the nurse gave her
And say, “What are you going to do about it then,
John? What are you going to do about this?”
Louder and louder
Until I’m told to be quiet by a doctor.

If you put a pin through a straw and then
Give that straw to someone through which
To sip their milkshakes it causes
A minor inconvenience.
If you put a pin through a condom and then
Give that condom to someone with which
to have sex, it could cause
A slightly bigger inconvenience.

I didn’t think I wanted kids except for this
One thought I had when I was holding my goddaughter
For the first time
And that dream I had where I’m sitting with my family
When my waters break. 

Let’s make new nicknames for our friends and kiss
Every time something’s very funny.
This week seems to be the week I’m burning 
Every single pizza I cook. 
I’m eating cold pizza crusts
From a not very good pizza

Even when it was warm. 


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