Napowrimo day 10 – She Sometimes Still Emails HIm

Still catching up I’m afraid. Finally met my goddaughter today and she is BEAUTIFUL! Anyway, this poem is something I’ve had the idea for for a long time now but never written. I wrote it today, to be last minute put in my book and thought fuck it, if I’ve written it today it counts. Typos etc are fully intentional. It’s called She Sometimes Still Emails Him. 

I’ll never reMarry
I know you said I could
But I don’t see how I can ever move
Pas you.
I think that’s all I hav eto say this Time
i Still don’t know How to properly
uSE This thing
Youd; have really lvoed one
Apple make there own Phones now
Even Magda”s got one
And I’m sorry that you killed yourslef
Before you Even knew about it.
btw they call it the “iPhon”e/

Sent from my iPhone. 

1 comment
  1. Melanie said:

    Keep the typos. They add to the rawness of the poem. Very moving. X

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