NaPoWriMo Day 6 – A valediction

Today’s prompt was to write a valediction, or a poem that says farewell to something. I didn’t want to be too glib with this nor did I want to go too far the other way and be completely wacky and whimsical, so instead I’ve written this valediction to sadness. On some level, I’ll always experience some level of inherent sadness, but that’s largely because I am human. Mainly, however, I feel that I will no longer ever need to experience the deep sadnesses I used to feel, because things in my life changed and I no longer have cause to fall that deeply so quickly. So this is my valediction to feeling as low as low can go, and it’s called The Last Time I Felt Things Would Never Get Better – Self Portrait of the Artist.¬†

I was part of an art collective
Consisting only of myself
And the art was to kill myself as
Slowly as possible

I reacted to bad reviews
By falling into slumps
It was exactly what they wanted
It was deeply ironic art.

I’d let night’s brushtrokes broadly
Baste me, and pierce me like a needle
I’d poison myself through it
Until sleep felt like death

And sometimes you ask artists
Why they do what it is they do
And they’ll say it’s not a choice for them

Well it wasn’t for me either
I was nothing but derivative
So when Summer turned its face to me

Play-acting at the end of May
You bloomed like blood in water
When I’d given up all hope

It was then, with careful thought
And a love I’d never known
That I forgot my life before

And the exhibition closed.


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