NaPoWriMo day 4 – Falling Outside the Normal Moral Constraints

Today’s prompt was to try and write a poem around a selection of excellent given titles, which were the names of spaceships taken from Iain Banks’ novels. They had excellent names, and the one that jumped out at me – and the one that I’ve picked for today is:

Falling Outside the Normal Moral Constraints
a rondeau 

People like you don’t have homes of their own
But jut about compounds and friends’ bedroom floors
And blithely you fall there from classical virtue
To so low a place there’s no-one left to hurt you
But try – when they do – you’ll tear them up for sport

It’s so easy to claim evolutionary progression
As you spit out this boast to the simplest of questions:
But why ask a wolf why he blew down a door?
Why rummage through traumas to jot down a score,
Just to find the root of your deep lack of constraint?

And you ask me, sedate, as the tablets take hold:
“Try as hard as you can, I tried hard as I could”
In this brief apprehension, some modesty grew
As you start to doubt what always made me stand by you;
It’s your own veneration, my worship of saints
And falling outside normal moral constraints. 


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