NaPoWriMo Day 3 – Pretty Happy People

This one took me a little while. I knew I was going to write a love poem but I didn’t know how to kick it off. Then I got all stressed and said, ARGH! I CAN’T DO IT! And then my boyfriend sang a short, slightly percussive, motivational song to me. After that, it was pretty easy. It’s not following the prompt, and it’s called Pretty Happy People. 

My friends like me less now that
You’ve gone and cheered me up
And it’s getting hard to talk now that
I’ve little to moan about.

This isn’t me complaining. 
I love you, in all the right ways:

1. I wish that stamps had your face on and not the Queen’s face (I’d write to them more)
2. I wish that when I called someone it was you going “ring ring, ring ring” (I’d call them more)
3. I wish that the stranger that I’m expected to entertain in the pub – whilst they talk about why they don’t actually want to get married – is you (I’d go drinking with them more)

Maybe I’m not uncomplicated,
But the situation is. 

Sometimes I’m with my friends and the
Sun is shining outside. Sometimes we’re
Walking back from bars and I taste
Their cigarette smoke. Sometimes they’re
Crying near me, when they’re feeling
Sort of lonely. And I’m standing there and 
Thinking: “I don’t remember how 
This feels” and I don’t know how to 
Comfort them, so sometimes there are

Then I start to imagine things
That are usefully upsetting
Like a stocky, white man in a Hawaiian shirt
In a very dark, emotional place
Or a moth, out in the daytime,
Feeling useless as fuck
Or someone who just got Twitter
And only follows weathermen.

Then I go to sleep and dream
We’re in the garden of our friends
But it’s friends we just don’t know yet
And they’re pretty happy people. 


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