Monthly Archives: December 2012

So. You’ll never guess what. I actually landed a book deal.

No, seriously, I really did. A year exactly since the first time I was ever published anywhere in print (for Bad Language’s Birthday Book) I have actually been offered the opportunity to write a first collection with a press I couldn’t be happier with. They’re called 79 Rat Press and are the experimental little sister of Eight Cuts. I feel excited. Not only is it a press who care about my writing (along with the writing of some other amazing people), but I feel I can totally be myself with them. No concerns over being too “writerly” and no concerns over being something I’m not. My writing suddenly has a Purpose and that I think is making my writing better. I’d love to post you some new examples of my poems but they now belong to my book (working title). For the first time in months and months today I sat down and ideas flowed out of me without warning. All of the ideas I suddenly took seriously; rather than a passive sort of “yeah I s’pose I could do something with this”.


I don’t know what I’m trying to say with this post, other than – 


I have arrived.