Sitting at a Dinner Table, Talking to The Empty Chair

Okay so first, it’s Autumn. The weather sad but the day happier.
Second, there’s the Guardian on the coffee table because I’ve
Become a Guardian reader. People can change. That’s the
Nature of life, it comes and goes, in swishes and swashes.
Okay, so now it’s the next day. It’s not much different to other
Days. Nothing to report. I’ve noticed the strength of the basil
Plant in the kitchen trying its best to feed us. It’s doing well,
For Autumn. Today was eventless but I was open to everything.
For example, the basil thing, and now the funny attack to my lungs
When I remembered your absence today. And my ambition, I’ve
Noticed that too, to give my happiness wholly to you, but I can’t,
So I’ve rearranged the bedroom. Funny isn’t it, all these reminders
Of being alive in this world today, in an exciting, troubling age,
These are the things I’d want you to know, things I’d chat to you
About, but can’t – and look, look here, there’s a squirrel run over in
The road, there’s a pink falling into an unescapable blue, and that
Happens literally every single night, would you believe it?


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