the difference is spreading

So, I’m using this blog as a place to keep my more academic / experimental poetry, and also to talk about poetry should I ever feel the need. To start with, here’s a post about a poem I wrote this evening.

Sometimes when I don’t know what to write I start off using a random paragraph generator. They’re easily found online, and the one I use allows you to customise what is and isn’t used within the paragraph. I decided my subjects would be Myself and My Other Self, because I want to explore themes of otherness within the self, especially the divided self that we all will experience at some point. This divided self in this instance is to do with a way of thinking, and a way of thinking that works opposite to it happening within the same thought process; e.g when you are thinking something negative and the train of thought won’t stop, but at the same time you are reassuring yourself with rationale. The two ideas are running parallel but are very much opposite. I think it is fascinating how this can happen and does happen every day to all of us. 
I took this idea and generated some paragraphs, which I wrote down and then edited to make them more like poems. I like this poem because it is a mixture of the random and meaningless (the structures and words I took from the random paragraph generator) and the applying of meaning to something irrational and otherwise “empty”. It is as yet untitled. 

myself thirsts for my other self
anomalies block all applicable clouds
my other self complains
a familiar criminal implicates myself, outside
my other self

 and smashes every intention below the wrapper
my other self absorbs this exaggerated science
myself persuades my other self outside another giant
there is neglected logic sugaring myself around the preface.

 my other self fines myself before an awake reminder
were does myself originate? over the considered juvenile
my other self remainders myself.
the shiny freeway judges myself.

 my other self fakes myself without the mistake
myself is the extremist within a studied defense 
myself prizes my other self
the joined stereotype twins my other self beside
a groan. 


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